About Us

The mission of Prof2Prof is to create a higher education ecosystem that values and elevates the broad array of tools, strategies and resources created by higher education professionals and students around the globe.

As someone who has spent her entire career in academia, I have had the privilege of holding many different positions, including graduate student, adjunct instructor, research professor, assistant, associate, and full professor, and department director. I have also served on numerous committees touching multiple aspects of student and faculty life, and benefited significantly from the skills and expertise of academic staff working across my home institution.

I was motivated to create Prof2Prof by several forces affecting the higher education arena. First, the quantity and sources of information available to academic professionals continue to proliferate, making the process of identifying the “best” resources for teaching and research more complicated and time-consuming. Second, the administrative burdens that we face, at least in my experience, have grown and crowded out valuable time that could be dedicated to teaching, research, program administration, and most importantly, supporting students. And third, many businesses and services that we now use in higher education were created by people who have not spent meaningful portions of their careers in academia.

I wanted to develop something that was informed by the people doing the teaching, research, and administration, and providing the student support services on the ground in higher education. I’ve spent time talking with hundreds of individuals representing every corner of academia. In listening to my colleagues and peers, and asking questions about what is needed to improve the quality and efficiency of their work, they are actually the ones who have inspired Prof2Prof.

Prof2Prof is a platform for you to maintain a living record of your intellectual products that you control and maintain in one central location, even if your institution changes. You set the terms for how others within and outside of academia access and use the material you share. You also benefit from having access to tools and resources created by others with relevant expertise and academic training. It is my hope that Prof2Prof will significantly expand the availability of high quality resources created by academics by breaking down barriers across disciplines, institutions, and continents. In doing so, higher education can only be strengthened.

I look forward to hearing your ideas about how to continue improving upon Prof2Prof, and hope that you share my excitement in the possibilities it creates. I care deeply about the higher education world, and want us all to have a strong presence and voice in shaping its future.


Kristen Slack, Founder